KOCASO MX9200 9-Inch Android Tablet

The Kocaso MX9200 is a budget entry tablet with a 9-inch screen. Priced below £40, lets be fair, you wouldn’t be expecting the greatest of tablets but lets find out.

It arrives in impressive retail packaging, well packed with various descriptions of its capabilities on the front. It is shipped with a 9 inch tablet pouch, a stylus and also a pair of headphones. A great set of accessories to get you started. As with any product I gave this a full charge before using it.

In terms of the build quality, it is well built with a plastic exterior and doesn’t feel cheap to hold. With the power/sleep button at the top and volume buttons on the side all the buttons are easily accessible. The back of the tablet is coloured purple and also has a TF card in put source. A bonus is the inclusion of a OTG cable allowing you to connect USB sticks to the tablet (to make the most of this install a file explorer app).

Running Android OS 4.4 it provides a familiar platform for android users and it is easy to navigate through. It comes with the basic apps installed and no additional extras which I prefer as I usually have to go through and delete a lot of apps with those pre-installed machines. It runs a 1.2GHz processor which seems to provide enough power to run gaming apps and also provide movie playback. It was able to support playback of HD movie files but due to limitations of the screen, playback was not actually HD.

Youtube videos, Netflix and movie files from my TF card have all played successfully albeit do not play in HD due to limitations in its design (the screen is not HD) and plays with average quality. You need to look at the screen directly as if the tablet tilt forwards/backwards it becomes difficult to watch.The battery life seems to be decent, currently at around 25 per cent after approx. 6 hours of continuous use.

The tablet also has two cameras (front and rear) which are not at all as good quality as you would expect from higher end tablets but provide enough clarity to capture moments or play around with certain apps.

The tablet has a lot of good features and I think would be a good start to anyone who hasn’t used an android tablet before and the included accessories makes this ready to go out the box. For those who have become accustomed to higher end products like iPad and Samsung tablets you would not be impressed by this but then again that is like comparing a Vauxhall to a Rolls Royce which would be unfair.

I think for under £40..the tablet does what I expected…no more or no less. A good addition to the budget tablet market.

VERDICT : 1476572686_keditbookmarks1476572686_keditbookmarks1476572686_keditbookmarks 3/5